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Release Date: 02.06.2009
Developer: Maxis
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Type of media: CD-Key
Genres: Role-Playing, Simulator

The world's greatest simulator of life returns so, get inspired by the endless creative possibilities and unexpected moments of surprise and mischief that The Sims 3 has to offer!

Customize your Sims' appearances and choose up to five traits to create individual personalities. With over 60 personality traits-including kleptomaniac, insane, and evil-you can create millions of unique Sims! New goal-oriented game-play will enable you to choose which short or long-term objectives you want your Sims to pursue and even determine your Sims' destinies in life.

•The Sims 3 lets you immerse truly unique Sims in an open, living neighborhood just outside their door! The freedom of The Sims 3 will inspire you with endless possibilities and amuse you with unexpected moments of surprise and mischief.
•New Seamless, Open Neighborhood-Explore the neighborhood freely. Your Sims can roam throughout their neighborhood, visit neighbors' homes, and explore the surroundings. They can stroll downtown to hang out with friends, meet someone new at the park, or run into colleagues on the street. If your Sims are in the right place at the right time, who knows what might happen?
•New Create A Sim-Create any Sim you can imagine. New easy-to-use design tools allow for unlimited customization to make truly individual Sims. Determine your Sims' shape and size, from thin to full-figured to muscular-and everything in between! Choose your Sims' facial features, their exact skin tone, hair, eye shape and color and select their clothing and accessories.
•New Realistic Personalities-Every Sim is a unique person, with a distinct personality. Create realistic Sims with distinctive personalities. Select from dozens of personality traits and combine them in fun ways. The combination of traits you choose-brave, artistic, loner, perfectionist, klepto, romantic, clumsy, paranoid, and much, much more-help shape the behavior of your Sims and how they interact with other Sims. Your Sims can now rise above their basic set of every day needs. They are complex individuals with unique personalities.
•New Unlimited Customization-Everyone can customize everything! Build your dream house or design the ultimate home. Customize everything from floors to flowers, shirts to sofas, wallpaper to window shades. It's fun and easy to change colors and patterns giving you endless personalization options. Or you can populate your Sims' neighborhood with pre-designed buildings and furnishings. Which of your Sims will live in high-end mansions, cool bachelor pads, ultimate dream homes or low-cost cottage?
•Control your Sims' destinies. From a rock star or world leader to an expert thief, you choose whether or not to pursue the Lifetime Wish of your Sim. Choose whether to fulfill their destiny, giving them a lifetime of happiness and rewards-or not and be devious!
•Be the Director of your Sims' movies! Never before have you been able to make your own movie with a cast, a set, soundtrack, a story and editing without leaving the game. Now you can with the movie making mash up tool set. Make a movie and share it with the world!
•Share like never before! Join The Sims 3 online community where you can show off your creations from Sims and houses to objects, movies, and more. Download tons of exclusive content and hear the latest news of The Sims 3 world first. (

The mad world of the Sims is returning once again to your screen, without doubt one of the most popular series of games in the world ever made, this next incarnation promises to take your experience to new heights, create the ideal sims or even create ones intent on global domination! This is definitely the most in depth Sims game to be released yet and with al the wonderful expansion due in the future, The Sims 3 looks set to continue the amazing work laid out by its predecessors.
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